July 2014 Favourites.


As I am only starting up I am still making a few changes to my blog, so please be patient with me while I get the hang of it. Thankyou :-).

Hello lovelies! This is my first blog post, how exciting ehy?!

My July has gone so fast due to it being Summer and enjoying the weather. Also it has helped that I have been keeping myself busy this month due to the fact I have been trying to get my all my hours done at Placement and trying to get all my work done for my Portfolio for my Placement. But phew I have finished everything and I am so glad, I am stress free until September.

I am going to go straight into it and mention my July Favourites.


So I will start from the left to right; Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm | Shade: 225 - SULTRY SULFUREUSE | This has to be my favourite Coulourburst Matte Balm ( I have a vast collection thanks to my sister). I find this is the perfect pink shade without it being too light or too bright. This is a brilliant summer shade I feel, and goes well with quite a few outfits. This is a Summer staple!

 The Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray | Long Lasting| I am obsessed with this!This is a brilliant makeup setting spray. Perfect in this hot weather and you have to look your best due to weddings and other celebrations coming up. I wish I found this little beauty last year when I was busy going to a family wedding and reception, and mendthi night and all the other things, a Indian wedding consists of. This does what it says on the bottle. It sets all your makeup for the day and I find into the evening as well. Brilliant if you have to wear a face full of makeup and don't want it to melt of in this heat. This spray is light and cooling. Thus leaving your face feeling fresh and nice.

Real Techniques Blush Brush | This is one of my sister's favourite's this month. I prefer the Bobbi Brown Blush Brush. But none the less this is another one of my favourite Blush Brushes. This Blush Brush contours and defines cheeks leaving your cheeks looking flawlessly blended and achieving high definition results. This Blush Brush is one of my favourites because it is ulta-plush uses synthetic bristles and are hand cut. My most favourite reason it is my favourite is because it is 100% cruelty free. Have I said Blush Brush enough lol?

MAC Blusher | Shade: Desert Rose| I got this as Christmas present last year and it is still going strong and we are nearing the beginning of August. It is a nice pink shade perfect for all year around. This is my go to blush. I love it because it is a nice matte shade and doesn't have any shimmer, leaving you to have nice natural look. It is pigmented enough just to give a bit of colour to my cheeks, without it being to harsh. I find it quite difficult to find Blushes that suit my skin tone, without it being to harsh or without it being too shimmery.

Anastasia Brow Powder Duo | Shade: Ebony | This is by far my favourite eyebrow product. It is perfect for them in between times for when you have had your eyebrows done and are waiting to get them done again lol. I mix both of the colours to get the perfect shade to mix into my eyebrows. It leaves a natural look. I find it easier to apply than a brow pencil. It applies quite easy with a brow brush and lasts all day, even on hot humid days, which is bonus! The colour is build able thus you can make it bold as you want or natural as you want, which is perfect. 

What are your July favourites? Do you have anything that you are currently obsessed with?

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