Removing Makeup and Cleansing the Skin


Hi My Lovelies,

I hope you are well and are enjoying the lovely fireworks outside! It is the time of the year again when it's nearly time for the dreaded 'C' word. I for once have nearly finished my Christmas shopping, I only have 2 more presents left to get. I am so organised for once!

On to the main topic of this blog post! The importance of removing make-up and cleansing the skin. I am the first to admit that I was never one to do the cleanse and moisture routine. I use to wash my face every morning with water and if I had time I would use a scrub (very rarely, it sat near my bathroom sink more than anything). Then at the end of the day I would just take my make-up off with makeup wipes. I always thought it was one big marketing hoax to get people to spend money on products that would never make an ounce of difference! How wrong was I!

To start off with I use the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. This has been a big hit with not only the blogging world but within my friends as well! This is a god send! I cannot express to you how much of a miracle worker this is! This is perfect even for sensitive skin. It removes any make-up and cleanses at the same time. This is perfect to use first thing in the morning as it is very refreshing and soothing on the skin. It is perfect not only for the face but also the eyes and lips. Which is a-m-a-z-i-n-g when you are using 24 hour stay eye-shadow or 24 hour stay lipstick. 

Why Cleanse?

Now this seems like an obvious question but why do we cleanse? Why is there such a big importance on cleansing our skin? Cleansing our skin gets rid of the dead bacteria that may be building up. It also lifts away dirt and any impurities on the skin. It is important to use a cleanser that is best for your skin. Now I don't use this daily as some nights I just don't have time. However I do use roughly 5 times a week and it makes a huge difference. It has a light creamy formula leaving the skin feeling soft but also conditions it at the same time. It removes all the make-up very easily and has a very refreshing smell, which who doesn't love? I use the Vitamin E Cream Cleanser.

 Why Tone? 
This is the step that most people miss out in their cleansing routine, me included. After a long day the last thing I want to do is do a cleanse,tone and moisturise routine. Toners have many purposes and it just as important to cleanse. Toning helps to even out the pH balance of our skins as our skin is naturally acidic. Thus it is important to use a toner that is hydrating and not that is too drying on your skin. I use to the Vitamin E Hydrating Toner. By toning you can retain the protective properties of your skin. Toners also help to close any pores that which may have left open by cleansing. Again toning gets rid of any make-up and impurities that the cleansers didn't get. 

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