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Hiya loves! Hope you're all doing well. It is hump day so I have a lovely Christmas themed post for you! Have any of you started your Christmas shop yet? I've nearly finished mine, only have two more presents to get and then I've finished! For it to be only the beginning of November I am quite organised for once!

It is nearly Christmas time, and I thought I would share with you my Christmas Wish List. Well to be honest with you as my birthday is 10 days after Christmas it's going to be a two in one wish list.

Number 1: Anastasia Cream Contour Kit/ Revolution Cream Contour Kit
 I am obsessed with cream contours! I have the Clinique Chubby Stick Contour Stick and I absolutely love it! The Cream Contour Kit by Make-up Revolution looks really good! It has 8 creams for highlighting, sculpting and defining. It also comes with a full sized mirror which is a bonus. They also do one in a powder form as well! However this only comes in 1 shade and for £8.00 you cannot go wrong!

The Anastasia Cream Contour Kit has been a big hit in the blogging world! This comes in 4 different shades so is perfect for everyone! Thus is a bit pricey for £39.00 but is definitely worth getting if you don't mind spending the extra money!

A contour kit is definitely something every girl should have in the makeup bag! I don't know about you but contouring defintley makes a big difference to me! It makes me look like I have perfect chiselled cheekbones (because I am not naturally blessed like that unfortunately) .

Number 2: Ultra Sculpt & Blend Collection

This beautiful collection is from Make-up Revolution. Can you tell I have a bit of an obsession with them? It's a complete set for contouring, sculpting and defining the face and the cheeks. It also comes with a brush to blend out eyeshadow. It contains a beauty blender, a pro curve contour powder blush, pro curve contour foundation brush and a pro curve contour blusher & highlighter brush. These brushes are perfect to allow perfect application of contour. I think a foundation brush is perfect when applying cream contour.

Number 3: No7 Illuminated Makeup Mirror

I don't have the luxury of having a dressing up table area at uni so this would make so much easier to do my makeup and put in contacts! It has a dimmer switch for different light settings. It has 5x magnification (I will admit I have no clue what this will exactly do, but it sounds good?!) This is probably the most expensive on my list (after the Anastasia Cream Contour Kit) as it retails at £49.99 at Boots.

Number 4 : Rollerlash Mascara 

This is another little gem that has been raved about on the blogsphere and boy is everyone loving it! This mascara by Benefit is amazing it does wonder for your eyelashes guys! I mean I only have the mall trail size version and I am in love! Benefit describes it as a roller for your eyelashes (hence the name). The brush is described as a 'Hook n' Roll' brush that grabs lifts, curls and separates the eyelashes leaving your eyelashes curled and long! It is a mascara that lengthens your mascara and gives your eyelashes that extra volume! I really opens up your eyes, I would definitely recommend buying this, you will not be disappointed I promise you! Hence why I am asking it for Christmas haha. You can buy this mascara at any Benefit counter or online.  Feel Unique is the only website where I have found it a decent price of £17.35 compared to £19.50 off the Benefit counter.

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