Hello my loves I hope you're all well and if you are for Easter like me then are enjoying most of the holiday. Right now it is quite warm weather... well for Britain anyway. As the weather is hopefully going to get warmer, I brought an outfit that I hope to wear quite a lot.

The two strapped orange cami is from New Look. At first I was apprehensive of buying this, as I thought it would look awful on my skin. But once trying it on I fell in love. I paired it with these stripy trousers from Primark. These stripy trousers are hugely in fashion at the moment. It is a big trend but more with the flared look rather than the straight look. However I'm not to fussed as I can see this becoming an item I can wear a lot. The shoes are from New Look. Can you really judge me for going New Look when they have student discount.

Are there any outfits that you have recently brought that you're loving? Let me know in the comments! 

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