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Hello lovelies hope you've had a great start to the week so far. I know it's only Tuesday but we can power through this! I hope you've made the most of the British weather, as it looks like it's going to be quite dull and dreary for a while. Oh how sad! I enjoyed the hot weather we were having, as it is quite a luxury to have such fab weather for a long time in the UK. But i'm glad it is getting it a bit cooler, as I am cannot take heat at all, and tend to get heat stroke very bad.

I am now rambling and need to get on to what this post is suppose to be about. So from the 1st September to the 5th September I am going on a little holiday to the Isle of Wight. I'm quite excited for this holiday as it has been years since I last went on a holiday. Despite me wishing I was going abroad, I am none the less still quite ecstatic about this little holiday. I've looked at the pictures of Isle of Wight and they look beautiful! I am so excited to go and visit this beautiful place and go exploring! The beaches look breath taking.

I don't know exactly what part of Isle of Wight I am going to, as my dad as left that bit a surprise.

But I am quite nosy, and looked around to see what there is to do and what it looks like!

This is called Freshwater Bay. Look at how beautiful it is?! This is not my picture and is taken from the following site:

As I am going with my dad, sister, stepbrother and stepmum, I need to be aware of what I wear and make sure I am respectful.

So I'm just going to do a quick checklist to make sure I have got everything or if there is anything I need to buy:

Sun Cream - This is a must, this is because you always have to take care of when you are outside in the Sun. I know, knowing my luck it probably is going to be raining, but I am not taking any chances.

Sunglasses - I would say sunglasses, but because I wear glasses I can't really wear glasses lol.

A swimsuit/bikini - Because we might go to the beach I need to be prepared. As this is a family holiday, a bikini may be bit disrespectful, but I may just wear a long t-shirt on top and black shorts on the bottom. I don't own a swimming costume as I have not been swimming in years. I only own a bikini and this is because my sister has 2 and decided to give one to me. I may invest in a swimming costume if I can find one I like.

Jeans - As I am going to the Isle of Wight, chances are it's probably going to be quite cold and very breezy. Jeans are such a casual item, and go with pretty much everything! So I am definitely packing a pair or more of these!

Shoes - Shoe wise, I am going to take my black converse and my sandals.

Jacket Wise - I love denim jackets and leather jackets and need to invest in both before I go on holiday if that is possible. I lost my denim jacket, but it was old that I am kind of glad, as this gives me the perfect excuse to by a new one haha!

Tops - Top wise I nave no idea on what to take, I was thinking of a few vest tops and a kimono but other than that I have no idea, on what to take. Other than that I have no idea, think I need to go shopping or just wear dresses and tights!

Pjs - This is fairly obvious because I will be staying in a caravan for 5 nights, I will need pj's to sleep in.

Phone Charger - This is a must so I can do any blogging whilst I am away! And so I can update my Instagram with the lovely scenery.

Camera and Camera Charger - This is a must, so I can take some good quality photos while I am away.

Makeup bag, makeup wipes -  This is a given for me. As I am going on holiday with my dad, he loves taking spontaneous photos and I need to make sure I look at least half decent in the pictures.

Hair brush, hair spray, shampoo and conditioner - This is so I can use all of this products to make my hair manageable.

Towel, underwear, showergel and deodorant - This is obviously so I can clean myself when I am away, and make sure I am nice and clean and smelling lovely while I am there.

Toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash - This is so I can obviously brush my teeth while I am away, oral hygiene is important.

Jewellery - I may take the occasional necklace or so just to jazz up an outfit.

Hand luggage - Phone, Ipod, headphones, wallet, perfume, lip balm, hand cream, my MAC Rebel lipstick, my MAC Girl About Town lipstick, a hand mirror and a few of Revlon Colour Bursts. My hand luggage will also consist of a water bottle, paracetamol, plasters, travel sickness tablets (I am unfortunate to get travel sickness :( sigh) and hand wash. My hand bag is like a walking first aid kit haha!

What are your holiday staples?Are you going anywhere on holiday? Is there anything you cannot love without on holiday? Or is there anything I've forgotten? Please comment below.


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  1. Wonderful post, the Isle of Wight is beautiful! Have a lovely time :) xx

  2. I've never been, I'm so excited! And aw thankyou hun :) xx


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