Apology/ Review of Urban Decay Naked Pallet 2


Hello lovelies,

I hope you have all been well! I am so sorry that I have disappeared, I have been so busy with my UCAS application form and getting all my assignments done and work and then Christmas shopping. But most of those things are done now *happily dances*!

I know most people have already reviewed this, but this little gem honestly is worth it. It is quite rare that you find a eye-shadow palette almost good as the first one. This eye-shadow palette is filled with 12 pigmented eye shadow colours. These colours are super pigmented, which means they are easy to put on and that they don't crease very easily either. This eye shadow palette differs from the first one as this one contains more taupe and neutral eye shadow colours. Which means it is perfect to wear for the day and night. 

The collection of eye shadow colours lets you create many different looks, I've tried a smokey eye look, a neutral eye shadow look. It can also create anything in between as well. It is the best for creating a golden shadow look. Making it the best high-end eye-shadow look.My sister has recently used it for an Indian wedding and reception. And she got tons of compliments.

The case is amazing. It is like an old school, retro pencil case. It has a hinged lid with a lovely taupe colour with some chocolate brown colour for the design.The case gives it a very modern look, which is a bonus. 

Have I spoke about the best part yet?! The palette also contains a two sided brush. One side for creasing and one side for blending. A 2 in 1 brush, fabulous! The brush is also cruelty free and made out of synthetic brushes, making it a fabulous brush to use.

I would definitely recommend any of the first two eye-shadow palettes to someone who is just starting out in makeup.  

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