Bucket List.

I thought I would keep a bucket list and see how many things I can get done/achieve while I'm blogging!

These are in no particular order.

1. Do a bungee jump
2. Go abroad hopefully Italy or Fuerteventura or Canary Islands or Dubai  - went to Dubai in Summer 15

3. Get the best grades possible to get into my uni    Got AAB and I couldn't be happier!
4. Get the OM and Ganesh tattoo
5. Get my cartilage piercing re-pierced
6. Own a pet
7. Go to Beautycon with my sister
8. Go on a girls holiday
9. Go to Paris and take loads of touristy pictures
10. Go to a music festival
11. Go travelling and experience the world
12. Raise a large amount of money for a charity
13. Have a pen-pal
14. Visit America and have a road trip
15. Own a Mulberry or Givenchy bag
16. Let of a Chinese lantern at night
17. Visit India - see family
18. Make a scrapbook
19. Go to the theatre
20. Go scuba diving
21. Go snorkeling
22. Own a professional camera
23. Spend Diwali in India
24. Ride in a hot-air balloon
25. Eat italian food in Italy
26. Be in the front row of a camera
27. Ride a zipline
28. Ride a gondola in Venice
29. Watch a sunset  Managed to see a beautiful sunset at the top of the Burj Kalifia 2015
30. Watch a sunrise
31. Cut my hair short
32. Pass my driving test
33. Own a VW Polo
34. Take up dancing  I know do Lyrical dancing every Tuesday
35. Do a colour run
36. Learn how to paint/draw
37. Learn how to play the guitar
38. Go on a romantic picnic
39. Take up meditation/yoga
40. Take up fitness and keep doing it regularly   - does doing a fitness DVD count?
41. Volunteer at a soup kitchen - Volunteering on Christmas Day
42. Be part of a flashmob
43. Go punting - This so fun and relaxing!
44. Do a skydive
45. Go to high tea or cream tea - Managed to do this on Christmas Eve Eve at Harrods 

This is not everything and I am probably forgetting quite a few. I will be crossing things that I have done or achieved and will be adding to it regularly.

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