Wish List August


Wish List August

Miss Selfridge black jeans
$57 - missselfridge.com

River Island kiss lock purse
$67 - riverisland.com

Marc Jacobs fragrance
$66 - selfridges.com

Hiya loves! So I am planning a little shopping trip next monday, and these are just some of the things I have my eye on! I know these are american prices, but I have seen these in the UK stores. 

So the leather jacket is a must for me! I am no jackets except a thick winter coat, and it is far too warm to wear that, so I have my eye on this little number. It is £49.99 for Miss Selfridge.

I also need a new pair of jeans, so have been looking at a new pair of black skinnies, They are fashion must, and a fashion staple. They go with everything, and are in pretty every season. So you cannot go wrong with a pair of black skinnies. These again are from Miss Selfridge for £35.00 (I think). I am on Miss Selfridge love at this moment. Ahaaaa.

The beige leather bag is so cute. I am in love! I so badly want it! It has 3 pockets inside, which makes it very versatile for storing all those nick nacks. This is £40 from River Island. I will buy this bag at some point, I am hoping to buy it in September as that is when I next get paid. 

The rhinestone bracelet is so colourful and pretty. It is so bright and lovely and will jazz up any outfit I think. This is again from Miss Selfridge at £16. Quite steep for a bracelet, but I will need to invest in this at some point!

The new Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs is my new favourite scent. I sprayed some on from Boots the other day and was so in love. It is definitely a summer scent but I can so see myself wearing it every day through Autumn and Winter to remind me of the gorgeous Summer we have been experiencing in the UK.

What have you been having your eyes on?  Is it a top or perfume or some of those lovely playsuits that are popping with so many colours?

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  1. I want that perfume too...:)


  2. It's such a nice perfume isin't it?


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