This OOTD was taken at a wedding reception I recently went to!

P.S I am very sorry but this will be one of my last blog posts till the beginning of June. I have managed to plan a few blog posts before hand so I don't start panicking. However I didn't manage to plan all the posts till the beginning of June.

If I have a few spare hours of not doing revision I will obviously blog and reply back to comments and have a look at other blogs.

I hope you all understand that education is a main priority at the moment for me and after that I will focus on my blog!

Sorry for the very unclassy bathroom picture but it's the only picture I managed to get as I had to rush from work to get ready and didn't have a chance to get my camera!

The Jumpsuit :Quiz 
The Blazer: Quiz (last year)
Necklace: Topshop
Ring: I want to say accessorise?
Bracelet: New Look 
Shoes: New Look (you can't see them but hey ho)

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