Hiya loves! I hope you have had a gorgeous weekend, minus the horrible weather. A lovely company called Coconut Lane asked if they would work with me. I looked at the website and couldn't turn down this amazing opportunity! They put the chic and sassyness into home and fashion accessories!They have a lot of affordable accessories that would suit anyone's budget or make a perfect secret santa gift!

I love the wall arts they have! I am going to order some for my room (I am having a bit of trouble trying to fit everything into my tiny room) *sigh*. I love the bold text and how clean the style is and how fabulous their little quotes are!  This is my favourite one! Everyone needs this one in their room as a little reminder ;)! They also have some sassy mean girls one as well, if that is what tickles your boat!

They have given me a special code just for you guys, how amzing are they! The exclusive code to recieve 20% (how good is that?!) is tejal20!

Happy Coconut Shopping! And remember to tag me in whatever you buy! X

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