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Hi guys,

I hope you're all well! I hope you enjoyed the lush summer we had last week in Britain? I mean it was fantastic it go up to 37 degrees where I live! Did you guys do anything to enjoy the weather?

Down to business my really good friend Matthew has awesome fashion sense so I thought it would be nice for him to feature on my blog. This blog post is a bit more personal as this blog post is written by both of which is very weird haha!

P.S He has very good taste in MAC lipsticks (because you know that's what all girls look for in friends)

Shirt: River Island - £28
T-shirt: Moschino - £80 ( available for any decent high end retailer)
Jeans: Levi's -£70 (available from House of Fraiser or Levi's UK)
Shoes: Doc Martens - £168 (available from Schuh, Office, the Doc Martin UK store or any good show retailer)

White tees really seem to be in this season as it such a neutral colour. This is a very simple outfit but goes quite well. 

                                If you would like you can follow him on twitter @matthjackon98

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  1. Replies
    1. Aw thankyou Hayley! It is a gorgeous tee, a bit on the expensive side for me though haha!

      Matthew also say thankyou Hayley x

  2. It is great to see more men on blogs and I love that t-shirt x

    1. This post has done quite well, I will talk to him about it and maybe do more posts like this? It's a lovely t-shirt isin't it!

      Matthew says thankyou very much x

  3. Love the t-shirt very casual look.


    1. Thankyou Sophie - Tejal and Matthew xx

  4. Thank you for the positive responses guys! And a very special thank you for Tejal for letting me do this xxxx


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