50 Random Facts Tag


50 Random Facts Tag 

I thought I would do a personal tag and let all you lovely readers know a bit more about me. 

1) I'm 17 years old 
2) I'm a Hindu (Gurjati) to be precise 
3) Pasta is my comfort food. I love it, I could eat it all day everyday.
4) I'm 5ft 4 1/2 I'm the tallest one out of my mum and sister ;)
5) Paneer is my favourite thing to order when I go to an Indian restaurant, I just love it!
6) I'm a savoury fan more than a sweet fan. I do have a sweet tooth out I prefer savoury more than sweet.
7) Gurjati was my first language. I was fluent it until I started school so the age of 5. I use to even correct my mum and dad sister if they used the wrong tense haha! That's how fluent I was in it
8) My favourite colours are purple and pink.
9) I've inly been abroad once and that was to Portugal and that was over 12 years ago.
10) I really badly want to visit Italy, it's looks so lovely and cultural there. Plus I love Italian food so that would be an added bonus.
11) I would rather be too cold than too hot. You can easily warm yourself up but can't cool yourself down that easily. So that probably why I get too hot haha.
12) I love going to Indian weddings and getting dressed up. I love that fact it can last for days so you get to truly experience each part of it. 
13) I would have a winter indian wedding! I love winter and I think the bright colours would look so beautiful when it's quite dark and gloomy outside haha!
14) I love making my own Pesto, it's so easy to make it and is much healthier to make than buying a shop brought version.
15) Even though I'm not a sweet person I love making desserts. I can make a cake, cheesecake, scones and biscuits and that's about it. Never ventured beyond that because I'm scared it wouldn't raise or that it gets too complicated haha!
16) I don't wear a watch. I love watches but I just don't wear them. I use to always wear them into the shower and forget to take it out haha.
17) I wear glasses, but none of my photos show that haha.
18) I can't wear contacts they are far too tricky and just freaks me out to be honest haha. Weirdo.
19) I love jumpers even though I get too hot in them.
20) I use to be able to swim, but can't anymore due to the fact I haven't in years. I need to learn how again!
21) I love lipsticks or lip pens can't go outside the house without one! If I  had to choose only one thing to wear for the rest of my life it would be that.
22) I don't like lipgloss, they tingle my lips too much and looks far too glossy on me. And it's too sticky for my liking.
23) I get travel sick and motion sickness. So if I'm going on long journeys anywhere I need to take them. I also get motion sickness so I love amusement parks but they don't love me :( .
24) I use to be a huge nerd and love reading all the time. #geek
25) Horror movies are my favourite. I love them. I love the thrill of being scared.
26) I guess you could say I live near the country side. As there is loads of fields and cows and farms near me.
27) I can't wear heels at all, I'm more of a flats girl.
28) I love my converse and could wear them for ages. They are slippers for my feet basically.
29) I love cooking, it's so relaxing. 
Love cooking in the kitchen and spending ages making it taste and looking nice.
30) I think a necklace makes a outfit stand out. Especially a statement necklace like a silver flower one! 
31) I don't like camping at all. Despise it with a passion.
32) I love dolphins, would love to some with one, one day.
33) I have never owned a pet sadly :( 
34) I am addicted to Pretty Little Liars. Like I'm obsessed with it so much it's so good. I recommend you all to watch it from the beginning.
35) I love angel cake slices from Mr Kipling especially with a cup of tea. Mmm
36) I am aiming to either be a Play Therapist or a Children's Nurse. Anything to help children to make them feel better. 
37) I don't really have a favourite movie. But I do really like Disney movies.
38) I use to think I was a princess or a fairy when I was little and still have wings and fair dust from a fairy book I owned when I was little.
39) I love VW Polo's. I love them so much. They are so cute and small and have a small engine.
40) I love Miss Selfridge. It's my favourite shop and would buy the whole shop if I could.
41) I bite my nails, so my nails are very short. But I am in the process of growing them.
42) My hair use to be up to my waist, but I decided to cut it short. It now sits just at the top of my shoulders. So it had grown a little bit since I last cut it.
43) I really want a tattoo. I want them OM sign. Which is a religious sign in my religion and on my wrist.
44) I love fairy lights and love them lightening up my room.
45) I love bubbles. I'm like a big kid when it comes to bubbles I love popping them hehe!
46) I like washing up for some reason (it's not my chore so I don't do it that often) I find it relaxing and soothing.
47) I can't pick one favourite makeup brand at all. I love loads of little bits from everywhere.
48) I love wearing dresses and skirts opposed to jeans. But I do like wearing jeans to but feel more comfortable in dresses and skirts.
49) I love having a big side bag. I love just shoving everything and anything in there haha!
50) I have two drinks that I love. Chocolate milkshake and a piña colda.

Do you guys have any cool facts about yourself?

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