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Hiya loves, hope you all had a fantastic Summer and are just as excited about Autumn as I am!
As it is the start of Autumn, I thought I would share with you just a few of the reasons why Autumn is my favourite season.

Autumn and Winter are my favourite months, don't get me wrong I love Summer as well, but here in the UK you don't get much of a Summer.

Reasons why I love Autumn:

1. I love Autumn because it is when the Halloween special of Pretty Little Liars comes out. I am a bit obsessed with Pretty Little Liars, and Ashley Benson who plays Hanna.

2. It is now acceptable to wear dark lipsticks such as dark reds and purple (Rebel by Mac) is my favourite and so is Rubyi Woo by Mac. Another one of my favourite colours is the 010 by Rimmel, Kate Moss Collection. This is what Autumn is about bringing out the dark and bright red lipsticks, I mean which girl doesn't love that.

3. Starbucks and Costa have the best drinks coming up too Autumn and Winter, the Pumpkin Spiced Latte (Starbucks) is lush. But my favourite by no doubt is Honeycomb Hot Chocolate at Winter. I cannot remember which one does it, sorry dolls :(.

4. As you may have guessed I love Halloween. I love Autumn because it is when the best Halloween movies/horror movies come out. I love horror movies!

5. My last and most favourite reason I love Autumn is the fashion. I have just brought myself the nicest tan tote bag for this season. I love the fact that you can start wearing long cardis but it's still quite warm so you don't have to wear a jacket. I love the fact that from September on wards you can wear boots with literally everything! And also the fact that there is a just a sale on about anywhere from September onwards getting ready from Christmas. Yes the dreaded 'C' word is here. But fear not, bag yourself something nice in the sale before you do your Christmas shopping.

That's it for now loves. Hope you've enjoyed reading this post. What is your favourite season?

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