London Fashion Week!


Hope you all have been well? Hope you have enjoying LFW? Hope you all had a nice weekend before the working week turned around again? I know I have been lacking with blogging but I promise it will get better, and I will be blogging more regularly.

Ahaaa my favourite week of the year has arrived (except the week the clocks go backwards and we get an hour extra of sleep, love eye emjoi) London Fashion Week. (LFW)

I have been quite distracted with my college work and been catching up with London Fashion Week instead *facepalm*.

So let's get to it; all the fashion brands, big designers and the models have been there at Fashion Week! Kate Moss and Carla Delevingne (my favourite model) were there and a few others!
Lets get down to the looks on the catwalk! The looks on the catwalk this year, compared to the other years were quite low key and quite under-dressed and under-stated, rather than quite statmenty and showey off.

Key Trends:
From what I have seen long, knee length skirts or around knee length are going to be quite in. So stock up!! This trend was set up from the fabulous Richard Nicoll and J. JS Lee. Their designs were long skirts, with long hems. I don't think the long hem matters on what side it is on, either backwards or frontwards doesn't make a difference. Like I've said before it was quite under-dressed this year. Skirts were paired with t-shirts, shirts, white shirts and sweatshirts.

Bright colours were very in this year from neon pink, exotic shades of aqua, orange, green and bright cherry reds.

So the focal points of most collections were long skirts, voluminous knitwear, and loud prints such as floral. Flora prints are going to be huge next year I think especially in the Spring and the Summer or maybe all year around?

Pastel colours are going to be very in next year as well, such as pastel pinks and whites and creams.

Jumpsuits are going to be quite in next year, as quite a few designers were showing of their creations this year for SS15.

Monchrome is going to be a huge trend next year I think, I feel it's something similar to tartan around Autumn and Winter?

And I feel that's about it? If I feel I see anymore trends on the catwalk or even in the magazines that will be huge for next year I will definitely let you know!

Take Care, Lots of Love
Tejal XX

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