The Best Travel bags... EVER!


Hello lovelies! Hope you have had a good start to the week! I'm glad I didn't go back to college today and I go back tomorrow haha! But I will not miss the early starts again. But with the weather permitting to hopefully stay good this week, it's not too bad waking up early and not wasting the day!

So as some of you know I do have a partime job in a shop called Lakeland. I love my team, they are such a strong and supportive network and have always been there for me. They make me enjoy what I do and I am always guaranteed to smile during my shift. Down to business... I ended up purchasing these lovely travel bags from Lakeland. They are from a fantastic and creative company called Happy Jackson. You can find them here. They sell of sort of nifty thing such as notebooks, lunchboxes, mugs, boxes, insulated cups and lots more.

The three travel bags are draw string bags and one is for jewellery, shoes and underwear. I was drawn to them because they had such witty and funny slogans written on them. Plus it is a bonus that I can save my underwear, jewellery and shoes in a safe and creative way. These will be perfect for when I go on holiday and will save so much space.

The underwear bag says; Even Good Girls Have Dirty Underwear (with a little golden halo on the top) in a pink drawstring bag.

The shoe bag says; THESE SHOES WERE MADE FOR WALKING (not very fast and not very far) in a black and white drawstring bag.

The jewellery bag just says: SWAG and in a black and white drawstring bag. Note: This one is smaller than the the other two. 

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