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I've heard that this brows kit has been a beauty blogger's favourite recently and I didn't even realise?! I have had it for quite a few months now and It's been a firm staple in my makeup bag. Inside you will fine that the kit contains a wax, a powder, a highlighter for the brow bone, a very handy brush and a mini brow pencil. The kit also contains a removable "how to guide" which is like a step by step tutorial. The case is a sturdy, black case. But it is very handy and very functional as it comes with a big mirror on the inside. Which is very handy if you are doing your makeup on the go. The case is very sturdy so you don't have to worry about it falling apart it in your bag.

The Brows That Kit has been referred to be the same quality as the Benefit's Brows Kit and the MAC Brows Kit. But as I don't have either I can't really comment. 

The inside of it looks like a bit like this:

The wax is very good quality and doesn't break apart as you put it on your brows. The brows colour seems to be a very versatile shade and does seem to suit a lot of people. A little bit of everything in this does go a long way! It is easy build-able to get the desired look you want. The highlighter is a champagney colour and does make a huge difference! I normally put a little bit under my eyebrows and just a tad on the top. It really opens my eyes! I do use the brow pencil occasionally to fill in any gaps. It does give a great coverage over all. You get a very defined brows as a result of this. It doesn't take long to do either a few minutes maximum in the morning and that is it.

The product does last all day and doesn't make your brows look to over done or obvious? Which is a bonus considering you have a lot of product on there. 

For £5.99 from Boots you can't go wrong at all! And as I have seen people favouriting this kit over big brands such as Benefit, I would highly recommend this!

Have you tried SEVENTEEN Brows That Kit? If you have, what do you think?
If not, what is your favourite brows kit?

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