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My laptop has been playing up bloggers but I will carry on blogging from my phone, but it might not be in the same font, so I apologise in advance, sorry! 

Hope you've had a fab week so far, so glad it's Friday. Even though I am working tomorrow, but that means more beauty buying at the end of next month! Yay!

So let's get to business! This post is exactly what it suggests, secrets from the hairdressers. I recently went to visit one of my old friends, who is training to be a hairdresser and works at one of the biggest hair dresser companies. And she was lucky enough to divulge her secrets so let's begin. 

1. The myth of cutting your hair regularly helps to make it grow healthier. This is so-so. It does make your hair healthier by cutting it regularly because you are getting rid of spilt ends. But by cutting your hair regularly you are getting rid off all the hard work you done by growing your hair.

2. Any kind of oil is good for you hair. Moroccan oil is the best oil for you hair as it helps norish your hair. But I know Moroccan oil is kind of expensive so baby oil or macadamia oil still works a treat! The best time to put oil in your hair is right before you are going to wash it. So for example today is Friday so I would put oil in my hair before I go to bed and wash it out in the morning. A TIP WHEN WASHING OUT OIL IN YOUR HAIR, WASH YOUR HAIR TWICE! This is so there is no oil left in your hair. Otherwise you will be left with greasy hair, which is never good.

3. Brush your hair at least up to 20 times before you go to bed, this will stimulate the hair growth foleculues. 

4. When massaging your hair with the oil or shampoo don't use your nails as you are just scratching away at your scalp and will end up with scabs, dandruff and you might even end up killing the hair growth foleculues, which might end up stopping your hair from growing.

5. Washing your hair everyday is so bad for you hair. This may seem fairly obvious to some and to other maybe not so much. This is because by washing your hair everyday, you are not giving your hair time to breathe. You should only wash your hair about 2-3 times a week. This gives your hair time to breathe and give it time to release natural moistures such as grease. Grease is good for you hair. Natural grease especially. This means your hair is breathing. Working out is really good for you hair, as it again releases natural oils.

6. Using heat everyday can damage you hair. I rarely ever use heat on my hair. This is because my hair is short at the moment using too much heat on it can damage it! Yes you can protect your hair wih heat protectant which will help protect you hair but using too much will cause damage to you hair. This can result in breakage of the hair or spilt ends. I would advice you to air dry your hair or use a cotton Tshirt to wrap up your hair when damp. A towel can be quite rough and dryin for you hair. I would use a heat protectant when curling or straighting you hair or even blow drying.

7. A heat protectant can be used whenever on you hair. This is something I found out by myself. A heat protectant can be used on damp hair or dry hair just use sparingly as not to make your hair greasy. 

8. A balanced diet is extremely important in this. A balanced diet will help with not only growing your hair, but making it healthy and stronger. But a balanced diet is also good for the body, it makes the body heathier and stronger. And I'm not saying you have to go crazy and eat healthy everyday. Having a cheat day is fine, just make sure you eat better the next day. While eating a balanced diet is important so is excercise. This can be going to the gym, swimming, running, walking whatever as long as it is some form of excercise every day. 60 minutes is the recommend amount. I'm not saying I work out every day because I don't. Just eat healthy and work out when you can and you will soon see the difference.

Boots sell some really good oils such as Moroccan oil and macadamia oil. They are not too expensive either(and can build up your points on your Boots Advantage Card ;-)). They have a variety of brands. I've heard L'Oreal is suppose to be quite good and you get in a nifty squeaky bottle. This is so as not to spill any. Hint; I'm very clumsy. 

As this is a hair post. I thought I would upload some pictures from when I had long hair, when I cut my hair and to know so you can see what a difference the following have made.

This is how long my hair was before I cut it. I do miss my long hair so much.
This is when I first got my hair cut. I apologise for the bad phone quality sorry.

This is how long my hair is now. Personally I can't see a difference, but I can tell its a grown a little but it still looks the same length to me haha. I'm hoping by Christmas or my birthday that my hair will be up to the top of my bra. Let's hope to it.

What are you hair secrets? Do you have a certain product that you live by? 

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  1. Great post, I always like to find out new hair care tips :) I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin. If you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted thanks!

    Camille xo


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